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Frustrated voter

on November 2, 2011

I don’t usually talk politics with people. I have some staunch party people in my family and they are not on the same side of the political coin. So, we have learned to keep our election chatter to a minimum.

However, I am so annoyed that I feel the need to say something, or write it. I still have no plan of publicly picking sides though.

Firstly, I am tired of political parties phoning me and asking if they can count on my vote. It is truly none of your business who I plan on voting for. Now, if you phoned to ask if I had any questions about their party’s platform, I might be less annoyed. But you don’t. I’ve never been asked that question. I have had some friends who were visited by canvassers and completely insulted when they did have the chance to ask their questions. They were treated like they were stupid for questioning the party’s positions and past actions. That makes me angry.

Secondly, as a teacher, I have a particular point of view that perhaps non-teachers don’t share. I imagine that everyone, such as business owners, would have their own point-of-view too. So, a big part of who I choose to vote for is based on a party’s platform surrounding Education. I am thoroughly annoyed with both leading political parties for the campaign promises made this year without consulting any of the education community. I truly believe that teachers should be consulted more often about these decisions. Now, I am realistic and know that every teacher cannot be consulted. In fact, you would probably get tons of different opinions and directions. However, we do have representatives who can speak for us. Many of whom have used letters to the editor as a means to be heard.

So, now I am left still an undecided voter, and a frustrated one at that. Luckily I have 5 days left to think and decide, then it will be over again until next time.

One response to “Frustrated voter

  1. missmylin says:

    I find voting really tough. I’m never happy with any party’s full platform, and I feel like I’m simply voting for the best of the worst. Civic elections are the hardest. We have one coming up this month.

    I wish you luck in making your decision đŸ™‚

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