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Hats for Babies

About a month ago, my husband and I went to Crave Kitchen and Wine Bar for a YQR (Regina) Tweet-up.  That night I met many amazing people.  One of those I had the good fortune of meeting was Jacqui.  She goes by @saskjacqui on Twitter.  We had a brief conversation that night but since then have developed quite a friendship over Twitter and in person.

She has a son named Rylan who has a seizure disorder.  They will be spending the month of January in Vancouver where Rylan will be receiving some medical treatments that will hopefully help diminish the seizure activity he experiences.  We have developed a hashtag ( #Rylan ) and quite a group of followers who are all pulling for him.

One night on Twitter, we got into a conversation about crocheting.  I’m not sure how it came about, but we decided that Jacqui needed a project to help keep her busy while she is at the hospital with Rylan.  I know how to crochet, so I offered to help teach her.

My little girl, Grace, was born 8 weeks premature in September and spent 42 days in our NICU.  I have been wanting to give something back, so I asked Jacqui how she would feel about making hats to donate.  Every baby born at the hospital receives a hat when they are born.  Many of the babies in the NICU receive more than one as they grow stronger through the good work the unit does for our little ones.  Jacqui jumped right on board, as did two other friends of mine, Stephanie and Jennifer.  We created a hashtag on Twitter for our little venture (#hatsforbabies) as well as a public group on Facebook called Rylan’s Hats for Babies.  On the Facebook page you will find a document that links to a crochet pattern and a knitting pattern for preemie and baby hats.

Jacqui upped the anti today by inviting all her Kinette friends to join in our project.  She made it a goal to have one person from each province make at least one hat for their local Mom&Baby unit or NICU and post the picture in the Facebook group.  So, I’m putting the invitation out there.  Come join us!  Make a hat to donate.  Let’s see how big we can get this thing!  It only takes a couple of hours to make a hat, but speaking as a mom who received one, it is a heartwarming gift that stays with us!

Here are the hats that have been posted since Saturday:

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