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Crochet Along Square #1

on March 4, 2012

So, it appears that choice #2 was the popular square by a long shot! The vote was 0-5-0 for choice #2. Remember, this is a fairly free and open crochet-along. We are going to be making many different squares. Depending on interest, we can stop at 20 (for a 4×5 afghan) or 35 (5×7) or any other size. I also didn’t specify colours. You can go out and purchase coordinating colours or you can do like me, and just try to use up some of the over-powering stash I have growing in my basement! I will probably buy a unifying colour to attach them once I am done. My inspiration is this 6-inch square afghan I made a number of years ago through a crochet exchange where every month, we made 2 squares (any colours, any pattern) and mailed them to the others in the group. This is something else I would be interested in doing some time!

Now, onto SQUARE #1 of the crochet-along!!! Due to the author’s copyright issues, I cannot just copy and paste the pattern here, so you can follow the link HERE to find the pattern.

Winning Square Choice

I went ahead and made an example.

My sample square

I didn’t want to post the square without having tried the pattern out. I’m glad that I did! I had a lot of trouble following round 4. I don’t know why! Now that I have done it and re-read it, it makes perfect sense! So, if you have trouble, don’t be afraid to ask. I’ve already put it out there that I did! If you don’t have trouble, great on you! Haha!

If you want me to add a picture of your square (which I hope you will!) please send me an email of your picture along with the name you wish me to post to by TUESDAYS at noon!

I look forward to crocheting with all of you! Please leave a comment so I know who is crocheting with us!

2 responses to “Crochet Along Square #1

  1. missmylin says:

    Almost done; only 2 1/2 more rounds to go. I kinda wish that I had gone with a lighter colour because the texture doesn’t show up quite as well with the dark red that I chose. Oh well, It’s still very pretty!

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