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A change to the crochet along

on March 16, 2012

Well, my friends, for those who are crocheting along with me (and to be honest, I’m not sure anyone but Myra is) and those who are reading along with me, I’m going to be changing the crochet along format.  I’ve been doing some reading lately about copyright issues, and I don’t want to be infringing on anyone’s rights.  AFTER I posted this week’s vote, I read further into the copyright of the patterns and pictures, and I was breaking some of their copyright by even posting the pictures.  So, I need some feedback…

My thought is that I just pick a pattern and post the link here.  I can still post pictures our finished squares…  I don’t know…  Can you leave some feedback please?

Also, if this is posted with a pattern, can I even post a link to it?

Copyright – This More V’s Please Pattern and the pattern photo are copyright 2011 by Melinda Miller. Free for yourown personal use only. Per copyright law, do not redistribute (with or without charge) in any form. (Redistributing to others includes by photocopies, scanning, emailing, putting on a CD, posting in Internet forum messages, putting on another web site and any other manner of distribution.)”

Thanks for your feedback…

5 responses to “A change to the crochet along

  1. Amanda says:

    I am crocheting the square, but I’m a little slow 🙂 I would be fine with just the links being posted. I would also be fine with pics of my squares being posted…if I ever get them done

  2. missmylin says:

    I’m fine with you picking the pattern (although I’m a little sad that I was outvoted this week). Copyright is a difficult issue. It’s something that I’ve become aware of on Pinterest. I guess the easiest way to get around it is simply to ask the author if she’s okay with us using the pattern for a non-commercial crochet-along. Or, just pick patterns that don’t have such a limited copyright.

    In your example, I’m not sure if you’re allowed to post a link. Logic says that it would be ridiculous if you can’t post a link because if you google the pattern and find a link, then google would be violating her copyright.

    Does that mean my vote might win by default due to copyright issues?? LOL

  3. cindiaugustine says:

    Posting a link to the source is actually the right thing to do, and always appreciated because it sends traffic to the owner of the copyright. Myra is right.

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