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A good Mexico Story

on March 22, 2012

So, my family spent most of the month of February in Mazatlan, Mexico.  We heard nothing by “Are you crazy???” and “Do you know how dangerous it is there?” for weeks and weeks before we left. Of course, there have been many stories of horrible things that have happened there this year.  However, my parents have lived there for winters for the last three years.  They admit that there are several neighbourhoods where they wouldn’t go, and a few more places they wouldn’t venture at night.  But what major city in Canada or the US doesn’t have those areas? 

We had an absolute blast while we were there! We didn’t stay holed up in my parents condo or on their property.  In fact, we went out almost every evening during our month there, never repeating places.  We experienced both tourist things and local sites. We met and talked with many Mexican people, all of whom were friendly and absolutely enamoured with Gracie. But I mean, who wouldn’t be?

Much of the concern in travelling to Mexico is the potential of dealing with the police. This morning, my mom shared with me an experience of having to deal with them.  I wanted to share it with you…

Well yeterday we had our first dealings with the local police. We were in a minor fender bender (no one was hurt). We were rear ended by a bus. The bus immediately pulled over, as we did. There happened to be a local police on foot patrol who saw the accident. A total stranger who happened to come out of a shop asked if we needed an interpreter, which we did. Our insurance agent talked to the poli…ce on the phone and this kind gentleman stayed with us the whole time. The transit police came for the bus company and another police car. They took our information and the bus drivers information. Then the adjuster came right to the accident and gave us an adjustment of the damage. The bus company is paying for everthing! The police were more than helpful stating they were not here to make our lives difficult. They also stated that if today we felt sick or needed to go to the hospital they would come and get us and pay for that also. We could not have been treated better and were made to feel at ease. Later in the day we saw the bus driver and he gave us a big smile and a wave. There are nice people here and yesterday was proof of it!

So, Mexico is a lovely place to visit.  We felt safe.  We loved the people and the scenery.  Please consider all sides before disregarding Mexico as a place to visit.

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