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Crochet Along Week 7

on April 15, 2012

I’m back! Last week was a little overwhelming for me. It was Easter weekend and the end of the M.Ed. class I am taking. The work was a little too much for me to keep up my blogging as well. Myra graciously accepted my invitation to host the week. So, now I’m back. I got my class work done and I’m all caught up with this Crochet along. Here are the updated afghan squares below:


Jamie’s Afghan



Myra’s Afghan



Amanda’s Afghan



The Week 6 square that Myra picked is just gorgeous! I loved the final product. What I didn’t love, so be warned about this, is all the ends there were to weave in! I am getting much quicker at this so it didn’t take me as long as it would have done in the past. Here is the result of weaving in all those ends:


Oh well. As I said, the final product is stunning!


Given that there were so many ends to weave in for week 6, I chose a one colour square for week 7. There are no parts (that I saw during my quick read) where you have to cut and rejoin. It is called More V’s Please. It is created by Melinda Miller. Click on the photo below to be linked to her website.

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